walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

engaging in democracy

Today, I got email from Mom's Rising asking me to call my Senators to ask them to sign on to a member to member letter written by Dodd that "asks the Senate Appropriations Committee to support full funding of a State Paid Leave Fund. This fund, proposed by President Obama, would provide $50 million in competitive grants to help states launch paid leave programs." I like one of my senators, but I called both. I had to wait through a lot of rings and then wait on hold, but both the women answering were nice altho only Kerry's office asked for a zipcode. Both women indicated they'd already been hearing about this. I can't know for certain that's why I got stuck in line on the phone, but I'd certainly urge anyone else who feels all democratic today and would like our country to be one of the ones that offers paid family leave to call their senator in support of this effort. Deadline is today.


ETA: Thinking paid family leave is a women's issue? A liberal issue? Here's what a guy who identifies right of center has to say about what the administration has done so far on life/work issues:

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