walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

West Texas: source of wackiest news stories EVER


Short form: Dad decides to have "the talk" with his 8 and 9 year old daughters from first marriage. He chooses to include as exhibits in "the talk" "a live webcam of a woman by herself and Daddy was typing to her what to do". To be fair, that summation is provided by the ex-wife. The current wife "told NPR the exhibition was a one-time occurrence. She said her husband knew the next day he'd made a mistake attempting to educate his young daughters by using computer pornography."

Why is this interesting, you might ask, after you clean up the computer screen from whatever you were drinking?

"The Texas penal code allows prosecution of anyone who sells or shows harmful material to a minor. And the law stipulates that pornography is considered harmful. The law was written in 1973, but it came with one important caveat, Farren says: It doesn't allow prosecution when the child was accompanied by a consenting parent or guardian."

One suspects Texas imagined a man taking his adolescent son(s) to the dirty movie theatre to learn about how It Is Done. Texas probably had not envisioned dad showing his pre-pubescent (I assume 8 and 9 year olds are probably pre-pubescent altho these days, you just never know) daughters a woman-for-hire on the TV or its modern day equivalent, receiving instructions from dad on what to do next.

My walking partner pointed me at this story. It is the funniest story she's told me about yet, and she has come up with some doozies. And lest we forget, YFZ is in West Texas, too, but a long ways away. Then again, everything is a long ways away in West Texas.
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