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Well, this ridiculous no liquids no gels response to a terrorist plot in the U.K. (which I understand was so effectively surveilled -- is that a word? -- there was no chance of them ever implementing) has stopped me flying. I gave up flying post 9/11, because security was so ridiculous, and it looks like I'll be giving it up again, subject to change if TSA comes up with a more reasonable policy. My bottom line is I want a quart of water for me, and another for Teddy for any airplane flight that is other than absolutely essential; I drink that much when I get two beverages with each service on a minimal turbulence flight. In addition to the two beverages/service. I can't even get Southwest to commit to handing me bottled water once I'm on the plane; they officially don't/can't serve until they're off the ground. So no help with my concerns about a long wait for takeoff on a hot day, especially. I'm also quite peeved that we can't bring baby tylenol or baby benadryl on the plane; that makes flying with Teddy potentially a lot more miserable (for him, for us, and for everyone else on the plane).

Thus, the Spokane trip has been cancelled. My friend will be coming out to Seattle (by car; yay!) instead. We're still debating the merits of Amtrak for the trip out to NH. We'll probably fly, but may adjust our trip out slightly later, to be after 9/11, if it looks like security might ease up then.

However, there will be no trip down to California later this month. I have not bought tix for the T-day-Winter Solstice return to Seattle, and unless things change a whole lot with airport security, I'm not going to. We'll worry about February tix for the Mouse after the New Year.

The company picnic was a blast. We took Teddy on the carousel which was just slightly more positive about than neutral. He had a lot of fun running down the paths at the zoo. We'll still be car camping the 19th/20th.

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