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what was I looking for?

I think I was trying to get a read on the celibacy rate in the general population (and failing) to get a read on assertions about what it was among Catholic priests. Somehow in the course of googling around I stumbled across this:


That's 10 year old coverage of something I don't remember ever hearing anyone chatter about. Granted, at the time, I was coming off a multi-year track-Y2K-remediation efforts news consumption binge (and would, a couple years later, take off on a health news binge), so this was in no way something I was likely to stumble across.

But wow.



Words fail, altho I suppose I'll put in a comment about how "don't ask, don't tell" probably contributed to this creep getting away with what he did for as long as he did.




Okay, priest rapes minors, we're hearing a lot about that. Priest has HIV, got some examples above of that. Priest moved around, sure. Still in the process of being laicized, even tho the accusations started surfacing about a decade ago (all statements summaries of article contents dated 2008). Here's the part that caught my eye:

[quote begins here]Magaldi was removed from active priesthood in 1999 after sexual-misconduct allegations emerged in Rhode Island, where he served from 1960 to 1990, and Fort Worth, where he served from 1990 to 1992 and 1993 to 1999.

He was out of the ministry while serving a brief stint in prison in 1992 for stealing more than $123,400 from St. Anthony Church in North Providence.

Authorities said he had spent some of the stolen money for tropical vacations with adolescent boys and once gave a teenager he met in a park enough money to buy a car. He served eight months before being paroled.[quote ends here]

They let him be a priest again after stealing six figures to take his victims on "tropical vacations"? That, dear reader, is Job Security.

Actually, I should quote a little more:

[quote begins here]In an unrelated case, Magaldi also was accused of lying in the Newport case of Claus von Bulow, a Danish-born socialite accused of trying to kill his heiress wife with insulin injections, to help him secure a new trial. The charges against Magaldi were later dropped.

Von Bulow was acquitted of the charges in his second trial.[quote ends here]

But wait, there's more! Including the Boy Scouts!

[quote begins here]After the first allegation of molestation in the late 1990s, The Dallas Morning News reported, church investigators in Texas found him “guilty of sexual exploitation” and he was barred from supervising altar boys but allowed to continue as chaplain of the Fort Worth diocesan Boy Scout program.[quote ends here]

Where was the adult supervision? Celebrated mass with Pope JP2, parishioners wanted him back, pastor found kiddie porn on his computer.
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