walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Xootr round the loop

T. and I went around the loop on the scooters today which means I actually got to try going both up and down hills on this thing. I am, once again, amazed at both my son's stamina -- because this is more work than a bike -- and his guts -- because this is mildly terrifying going down hill. I had a deathgrip on the handlebar, including the brake because after I got over the fear I was going to pitch myself over the front by using it I realized that it just wasn't that strong a brake. I also had a foot balanced on the fender brake while trying to figure out whether I had slowed myself down enough that I didn't need to de-scooter early to avoid involuntary deskootering later.

It all turned out just fine, and I'm sure the next time I won't be able to figure out why I thought it was so scary anyway. All about the learning curve.

I did get a compliment on my wheels, so I'm marginally less concerned about the dork-factor.
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