walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

through the worst of it?

Well, I don't know about that.

But we got the storage unit (but I still have to go sign paperwork) and stuff is now in the storage unit (but more stuff will have to join that stuff but not until much closer to our actual move). Now there are only _two_ bookcases in the apartment, which means all the other books, cds, dvds etc. are _all in boxes_. Yeep! This is good. I have overdue library books as it is.

Child care did not show up today, which in the event was fine. Teddy and I had a good time and dropped in on friends, which was wonderful, even tho they are having a helluva rough time of it. Hopefully it will get better.

I made rolls today, while Teddy was napping the first time, thinking that child care would show up. This was problematic, but sorta fun. Teddy helped out. Messy, but I'm optimistic that he will want to cook with me, and possibly, we will one day have fun with sculpting and he won't eat the clay. But right now, eating whole wheat dough is not the end of the world (I left the honey out of the recipe on purpose).

I'd be flattered that he liked the rolls, but he'll eat damn near anything at this point. I'm sure this will change.

Upcoming stuff: Wednesday outing of some sort, Thursday company picnic at the zoo. Friday we fly to Spokane for the weekend (note to self: make hotel reservation?).

We had a lot of fun at the party on Sunday. We took the bus down to a friend's house near Seward Park (the park; in Seward Park the neighborhood) and watched the Blue Angels fly over his house. Just a few hundred feet above us. You could see the pilots relatively clearly. And I brought binoculars this year. Teddy freaked out only the first couple times. This was all on a roof deck, which is a little spooky, but the owner of the house has small children, so it's pretty well railed in. Getting to the bus on the way home was time consuming, and the bus itself was freakishly hot by then. It took me a while to recover BUT I at no point lost my temper. I was amazed. I give a lot of the credit to R. for being so supportive. Furthermore, he made sure I got to lie down when we got home. Whew.

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