walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: being a good citizen, hanging with the pre-K, shopping

A. and I hung out today, as B. was ill again. There were some breaks on the three-day-rainstorm on this third day, so when I looked out and saw J. and her two kids and R. and her granddaughter hanging in J.'s driveway, I shoved A. into a jacket and we joined them. It was nice to have some adult company.

R. came home early to pick up T., and then I took T. to town hall to drop off paperwork. We went to Julie's Place for a pancake for him and soup for me. We went to the consignment shop in West Acton, where I bought rain boots, two rain jackets and a couple pairs of shoes for A. and got an in-person look at a Peanut Butter tuxedo (size 3, alas); the quality seems acceptable. And then to Idylwilde for some tomatoes and lettuce to go with the really excellent bacon I bought a couple days ago.

Lots of fun.

I'm currently playing FB games and watching MSNBC political talk shows. Today's big news was the president saying, okay, maybe some drilling offshore for a little while would be okay. Olbermann and some environmentalists and pundits are picking at this -- along with some stuff Salazar is and is not saying -- saying this is dumb, since they're not going to pick up any Republican votes anyway.

This seems to be missing the point to me. We saw how the whole health care thing worked out: Obama made some weird concessions up front (a smallish tax on drugs in exchange for Big Pharma staying mostly out of the game; something I never understood in exchange for the AMA signing on), and the whole process stretched out over a year and didn't collect any Republican votes. Now, one could argue that this will get done faster than health care, but I don't believe that for a second. I think this whole drilling thing is a payoff to get Shell and company to stay out of the game. And whether anything happens at all will likely hinge on the midterms -- because if the timeline is at all the same, the final vote will happen well after the midterms, perhaps around this time in 2011.

But I've been rereading my blog in search of some information recently, and my accuracy on these kinds of predictions is awful. I know nothing.
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