walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: Boston. Twice.

This morning, we took the kids to the Boston Children's Museum. When A. started putting stuff in her mouth (she had been so good about not doing this for the first hour), I suggested we do something else, and it was almost noon so we figured lunch. R. had taken T. to The Barking Crab on a previous occasion, so we gave that a try. We had a little wait, but the food was good. Our dining partners at the table were in town from SoCal for a teachers convention and despite having raised kids and spending a lot of time with their own grandchildren, they were absolutely sweet to T. Like, feeding him her soup crackers sweet. Nice people; I hope Boston treats them well.

T. and I rode bikes and then he rode his scooter for a while. We went to Julie's Place for a pancake, and then I got to talk to M. (my walking partner's father) for a bit. A little after 5 p.m., B. & B. showed up to watch the kids while R. and I went back to Boston for dinner and to hang out with people who were counselors at the camp R. was a counselor at back in high school, and where he was a camper before that. We got into Dali with a very short wait. Mmmmmm. Rabbit, pheasant, lamb. Mmmmmm. Did I mention the yum that was dinner? We love Dali and we haven't been there in ages.

The get-together was at Lansdowne and I met some very cool people and collected two business cards. One is to relay to P.'s son B., who does outdoor stuff as a possible line on a job, and the other is for me, because I really liked L. a lot and she is local and we could hang out. Win!
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