walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

baby slings

There was some news recently after the CPSC warned that some slings used in certain ways (and they weren't a whole lot more specific than that) might be lethal to babies. That's so attachment parenting promotive and helpful. (<-- Sarcasm.) On the one hand, duh. On the other hand, let's just put them in the strollers that are completely unproblematic, right?

In any event, more recent coverage:


suggests that the problem was some slings made by Infantino. I don't know that I've seen these specific slings in use, but if I haven't, I've seen something just exactly like them, and they looked a lot like carrying the baby in a big, plushy handbag. Not precisely attachment promoting and also a little creepy looking. Apparently Consumer Reports pushed on the CPSC and there is, furthermore, a lawsuit in progress.

I don't know that there's a moral here. If there is, it is probably something depressing like, if the product enables you to sort of forget you are toting a baby around, it might result in problems.
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