walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Can't-Think-Two-Moves-Ahead Fool of the Day: Paul Carr


Executive summary: Michael Lewis' new book, _The Big Short_, about a handful of people who saw the housing crash/financial crisis coming AND figured out a way to profit from it, is out in hardback but not available on the kindle. Some Amazon reviewers have been one-starring it for this reason alone, in an effort to pressure the publisher, Norton. Mr. Carr has a Simple Solution that he has a hard time coming up with a downside on:

"It’s hard, in fact, to think of a downside to restricting reviews to actual purchasers of a particular title."

It's not completely clear to me what Mr. Carr has in mind. Surely he wouldn't be requiring that the only people allowed to review the book on Amazon be people who _actually bought it on Amazon_? Oh, wait! That _DOES_ seem to be what he has in mind. So if you got it as a gift, borrowed a friend's copy, or checked it out from the library, you aren't allowed to review it any more? Because Amazon _would like_ to lose all this free data?

I can think of several downsides. The first being the annoyance I would feel if I had to have bought it on Amazon to review it. The second being the much bigger negative impact on the quality and amount of reviews on Amazon by restricting it to Amazon purchasers only.

I find it utterly bizarre that Carr and others think we can't sort through the reviews quickly and notice, gosh, they hate it because they can't get it on the kindle. I can notice that. In fact, I already had. I also hadn't bought it, because I didn't want it sitting around in hardcover, so I'm waiting for it to show up at the library, or come out on the kindle. Probably by then, the heavy rotation of Mr. Lewis on every program I watch and listen to will be over and he will have slipped right out of my head. This would be good, because every time I try to read something by Mr. Lewis, I am disappointed.
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