walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: Kerouac's grave, Boca Grande, banana cake

After a leisurely start to the day, R. took T. to see the horse and then go swimming. Meanwhile, A., B. and I went to Lowell to visit Kerouac's grave. We had an address and description, and GPS coordinates -- the latter proved unnecessary.

When we got back, M. came over for a visit, and A., B., M. and I went to Willow Books. After R. and T. came home, A., T., B., R. and I all went to the Boca Grande in Cambridge for dinner, which was very yummy. When we got home from that, T. and I went to Julie's Place for a waffle (for T.) and a Manhattan (for me).

In between the Boca Grande and Julie's Place, I converted the three extremely ripe bananas to banana cake. R. rescued it a few minutes before the timer went off (yay, R.!); it was very tasty.

Oh, the four of us (B. was still sleeping) went to the playground on the bikes and after we came back, T. and I rode bikes around the neighborhood. A very pleasant Sunday.
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