walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: Boston

Today, my walking partner M., and my cousin's kid B. and I all took the commuter train down to Boston and did part of the Freedom Trail. We started at Copp's Burying Ground and ended at Old South Meeting House. I bought the DK Eyewitness Boston guide from a shop in Faneuil Hall, since R. and I realized last night we actually did not own a guidebook for Boston and it was not unreasonable to have such a thing in the house.

Yesterday, B. and I went to Concord. We were going to attempt the trail in Minuteman National Historic Park, but after we noticed that part of Old North Bridge was under water, we consulted with the nice man at the visitor center and he said the trail was still under water in many places the day before. We were on bikes, so we went searching for anything other than the visitor center at the bridge that might be open so far out of season, and wound up doing the tour at Orchard House, which was the Alcott residence for a while. We had lunch at Walden Grille and by that point we were out of time. R. and B. and A. went back this afternoon to see Author's Ridge at Sleepy Hollow Cemetary.

Tomorrow, M., B., A., R. and I are going to drive to Cambridge and wander around a couple campuses (campii?) and we are also going to attempt to go to Old Ironsides (which of course is _not_ in Cambridge). There will also be lunch. Sunday may involve a trip to Edson Cemetary in Lowell to see Kerouac's grave.

Touristic fun, y'all.
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