walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Yesterday's activities included: a hat, and a cousin

The sun was out so T. and I spent a couple hours riding around the neighborhood. We saw a lot of people out riding or walking or playing with balls or just hanging out. Everyone was friendly and we had a great time. A fair number of cars were coming through after 4 p.m. but they were all going slow and being careful and a few drivers stopped and rolled down the window to say hi to T. and me.

At one point, a huge ladder truck (as in, fire truck) came through. We got way off to the side of the road to be out of the way, and it stopped right next to us. I'm saying, "Seriously?" to no one in particular, thinking maybe we're about to be busted for being unsafe somehow, but we're wearing helmets and we've been pretty well behaved. Instead, the nice fire fighter gets out of the truck and hands us a plastic fire fighter's helmet. Very cute!

After a run to Julie's Place for a pancake for T. and a burger for me, and another round through the neighborhood, T. and I drove to MHT to pick up my cousin who will be spending his spring break for us. I haven't seen him come downstairs yet; it sucks traveling west to east, especially this close after daylight savings time's spring ahead.
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