walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: building an ark

Okay, not really.

I'm so used to it raining, or at least heavily misting, for several days in a row (and using that as an excuse to go out to the playhouse and play Noah's Ark -- funny how even when I was a little kid, I liked to play some form of The End of the World), that it did not seriously occur to me to worry much about it raining for several days in a row here. Of course, when it rains lightly here, it's sort of like a downpour in the Pacific Northwest, so I _should_ have done the math a little better.

In any event, I'd already arranged to adjust child care so I could go north for book group tonight and didn't think to change that due to the weather. The governor declared the eastern part of Massachusetts (wait, where do I live?) to be a state of emergency in the afternoon, and B. had commented there was flooding in Groton, but all I did was discuss route choice with R. and he thought my usual route would be just fine but I should leave a little early. I left 45 minutes earlier than I ordinarily would, figuring I'd finish the book before the group started, and I _still_ arrived late. The road was closed in Groton (B. made it through when it was a deep puddle, and they closed it right after L. got through). I bailed on detour one when it backed up, and stuck it out on detour two, which probably just rejoined the mess from detour one -- hopefully further along, but I'm probably just kidding myself.

In other pointless wastes of time, I got an updated 1099 which turned out not to in any way shape or form address the problem I brought up that resulted in an update needing to be done. Here's hoping this time, I get what I need. It's not like it's difficult. If they report something on 1099-B, I should be able to find out what my basis is. Right? And yet, not only can I not, but so far, I'm getting nothing helpful about the people who created the 1099-B. That seems unhelpful.
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