walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: baking

I made biscuits for breakfast. I wasn't excited by the bread choices, and I couldn't find the greens I thought I had bought. I even got out the cast iron skillet, altho of course I then had to spoil the fun by making the biscuits with whole wheat flour, canola oil, and no salt. They were still very tasty with peanut butter and marmalade. I wonder what R. thought of them; I noticed he grabbed a few for his lunch.

I posted earlier about the spinach and cornbread thing. I finally made it, and I really liked it. Who knows what anyone else might think of it. I've posted the recipe on my website:


It was very pretty, altho I don't think it looks the way I intended it to look, as I didn't save quite enough cornbread for a complete top. But it is pretty, with the greens sticking out here and there, and a touch of red from the bell pepper.

ETA: I also put a couple photos of it up on facebook.
Tags: daily activities, food
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