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Found: several! greens pies without cheese!


Let's ignore, for the moment, that southern thing that involves broccoli and cornbread. Because even I am not prepared to perpetrate that (altho I might, someday).



According to this link, spanikopita in its traditional form doesn't include eggs or cheese!

Spanak-o-pita = spinach + pie.
Spanak-o-rizo = spinach + rice.


One can only wonder how many more of these things there are.

Here is the previous post, when I was looking for a reasonable way to substitute around the cheese. I had previously eaten spinach pie without cheese, and I had run across a mention that the Lenten version of the pie was the one with the cheese, but normally it did not have cheese (or eggs, for that matter).


I _love_ this idea: cornbread and greens go together tremendously well. Hmmm.


I'm thinking a non-traditional version of the Turkish/Azerbaijani (sp?) spinach-with-eggs might be good.


Usually, the eggs sit on top, sort of like they sit on top of hash. But this recipe has them mixed in more.

ETAYA: Okay, I looked at the Vegan with a Vengeance Spanakopita, and I'm really unimpressed -- that is a _lot_ of tofu, and I'm no fan of nutritional yeast. Also, I'm not vegan, so I don't need it.

That said, she does use walnuts, which R. proposed (I was thinking pine nuts). If there's a need for umami, I'd go with finely chopped and thoroughly cooked down mushrooms over nutritional yeast. Egg shows up in enough versions of Spanakopita that I don't fee bad using that. I'll see if I can put something together that passes both R.'s and my plausibility tests and add spinach to the shopping list for today.

ETA still more:


Wow. Now bad, wow, just, wow.
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