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Today's activities include: lunch, dentist, walks...

Yesterday, I made a dentist appointment for today. I love my dentist. He scared the crap out of me today because he was talking about retiring to someplace warm and sunny. While I sympathize with this perspective, he looks _way_ too young to retire, and I was really hoping I wouldn't ever have to get a new dentist again. However, perhaps looks are a lot more deceiving than I had thought.

Before the dentist appointment, R. and I had lunch at Giant of Siam, where we knew that J. and company would be having lunch. We hadn't told them we'd be there, because we weren't sure when we'd be having lunch, either before or after, but it worked out well. I got to my appointment in time and he hung out with ex-co-workers for part of the time I was in the appointment. They are close enough to walk, so he didn't even need to mooch a ride.

M. and I finished the 200 piece Ravensburger puzzle with all the lizards today. That was nice. In addition to that regular walk, T. and I made it all the way around the loop, after walking to and from Julie's Place for our traditional waffle (for him) and soup (for me).

This morning, I looked at the last three ciabatta rolls from Costco and decided they are too stale to make sandwiches with. One became this morning's french toast; the other two became bread pudding. Yum.

It was really warm today -- I think it got over 50 degrees.
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