walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: taxes!

Even I get tired of procrastinating sometimes, so today I imported a bunch of stuff into TurboTax 2009. Then I started fixing things -- we've moved, so our address, that kind of thing, then looking for possible problems in the actual imported numbers, and doing calculations for foreign tax paid and similar. Along the way, I ran across something that I found utterly mystifying and called the source for clarification. After a half an hour of random political discussion, and another half hour or so after that, I got a call back saying, yes, that really was a problem and not just with your 1099. We'll be sending out a revised version soon. Which means I can go back to procrastinating. Or I could amend 2008.

Procrastinating sounds much more entertaining.

I also called and made appointments at the dentist for T. and I. Mine is tomorrow.
Tags: daily activities, filing taxes
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