walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: twice around the block

The walk around the subdivision streets near our house is almost exactly a mile. Child care and weather permitting, I do it almost every weekday with my friend M. Today, in addition to going for my regular walk, T. and I went around the block after I realized it was Monday, and Julie's Place wouldn't open for at least another 45 minutes. Around the block we went, and then back to Julie's for a waffle and soup. We had a very nice time.

I actually made the appropriate changes to our tax return (2007) in TurboTax, altho I'm going to have to figure out which forms to print now, and probably rewrite the explanatory lines for 1040X because I think what I initially wrote is probably inadequate. This whole "short answer" thing on taxes always makes me a bit nervous. It really does look like once I figure out how to do this, it'll be a matter of a few minutes to do it again for 2008, so that's nice. It's a lot of work to pay a whopping additional dollar of taxes, tho. Yes, that's right; a whole dollar.
Tags: daily activities, filing taxes
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