walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

car camping!

Scenic Beach State Park is a lovely little park. The beach is rocky, small and it was cold. It was scenic. The sites are well-maintained and wooded; partial shade is conservative -- a really hot day here is unlikely, and would be quite bearable. Tent pads are sand. Not crowded, and the rules seem to be followed. I did not use the showers, but they look reasonable, and there's hot water at the sinks in the bathrooms (yay!). Nice fire pit (which we did not use) and picnic table (which we did). Lots of water faucets. The garbage is conspicuously not raccoon much less bear proof; they must not have a major pest problem in the area. We didn't hear any wildlife other than birds and some squirrels. I'd happily return.

We had thought to have a full complement of eight, but two people (the least likely to show up) decided to hermit up for the weekend and two other people bailed because one got sick. Sad, but the four remaining had a good time. New stove worked well. One of the new mattresses did not hold air well; the other two are fine. We brought the picnic kit (wedding present from R.'s brother; we saw it or something a lot like it featured on Queer Eye, oddly enough) and liked that (altho we'll be repacking it as Car Camp Kitchen for future outings). We brought vegetarian chili and made corn cakes to go with it. Teddy liked it and ate it (altho the beans went through him minimally processed). Breakfast was the usual, and turned out fine. We all got more or less enough sleep, despite frequent awakenings to feed Teddy, and for various subsets of us to go pee.

For the first car camping outing (other than Dolly Copp the night before our hike into the Whites a couple years ago, which hardly counts, as we used hike-in gear for car camping; and various overnights with Bearfoot Backpackers, which I used to test gear for my hike in the Olympics) for either of us in many, many years, a raging success. I'm looking forward to Wenberg in August.

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