walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

My (Current) Trash

A lot of the trash I read could be described as follows:

Big scary badness is after Our Hero/Heroine/their friends and family/the entire world. Our Hero/Heroine/their friends and family/the entire world are like little hamsters, running in screaming fear from the Big Scary Badness. As they are running, hero/heroine/etc. develop a bond and acquire weapons/skills/magical artifacts. At some point, they turn around, confront the Big Scary Badness and shred it. Like whoa and like damn, seriously, not messing around here.

I like my trash to be connected to more trash: for secondary characters in one novel to show up in later novels. For our hero/heroine/etc. to have to deal with Big Scary Even Worse Badness in later installments. And so forth. Partly, I like this because I Want to Know What Happens Next. Partly, I like this because I need regular fixes, and this is a slightly more reliable way to get them than picking something brand new and standalone. Partly, I've bothered to learn the ins and outs of the world and am lazy and would like to reuse that knowledge.

Part of what I am not (yet) finding in my ebook endeavors is...this. Which is okay. I'm not finding my trash, but I'm finding stuff I'm enjoying reading. Why do I even want this? Do I want this because this is what the big 6 have been serving under the heading of Strong, Capable Women? Because I _sure_ liked the sheriff in _Too Good to Be True_. And I sure liked Lacey in _Liberating Lacey_ (no scary badness, even!). Of course, I also like women who rescue other people, and not in some kind of sappy, enabling sense, but in the snatched-you-from-the-jaws-of-death sense, and that happens a lot in my trash. Hmmm.

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