walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Will February vacation week ever end?

Let me count the ways that this vacation week has turned out far, far nastier than I would ever have anticipated. And I was expecting disaster.

(1) On Friday night and Saturday morning prior to vacation week, youngest throws up, requiring both parents to change clothes and one change of sheets.
(2) On Sunday night, mama throws up everything she ate after around 2 p.m. This is followed by diarrhea over the next dayish and a lot of time spent on the couch. I'm extremely vague on how I survived the day, so I think I have to give all the credit to B. and B. for taking care of both kids (A. seemed better by Monday), and to R. for taking off part of the afternoon to nap with A. when the B.'s returned her home.
(3) On Tuesday, I was feeling marginally better, but T.'s ongoing respiratory stuff had gotten bad enough that we got him a same day at Milford Family Practice, where we finally received the asthma medication that we have suspected he needed for quite some time, but were in no rush to get because we were hoping other things would work. But before the medication could be retrieved from the pharmacy, B., B. and T. were T-boned headed back to the house in Brookline. Jeep needs repair; everyone inside the Jeep seems to be okay. Did I mention a snowstorm? Fortunately, A. slept. A lot. Unfortunately, it turns out this means she wasn't as well as I thought she was. Also, B. (husband of B.) got the sad (altho expected) news that his father had passed. And B. got the completely unexpected news that her mother was in the emergency room for surgery. Bad Tuesday. I want a do over.
(4) On Wednesday, I was feeling a lot better, but my period started. Ugh. A. threw up on B. as they were all headed out to breakfast. She had diarrhea a little later. In good news: the snow was mostly plowed so the roads weren't too bad. And apparently R. is having some trouble with his computer at work.

I shudder to think what Thursday and Friday have planned for us. I've got news for them, tho. Come Monday, there's school again.

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