walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

I Luuuurrrveee Doom!


But I had never heard of "preppers" or "prepping" until reading this article (I was at the Guardian to read the excerpt from Fred Pearce's latest book, which is about the perpetually low and/or declining European birth rate). I did a little looking around in an effort to find out if perhaps the Guardian's coverage of what goes on in the US could possibly be as bad as US coverage of the UK. That, of course, is a large question, but I did run across preppers.org, and checked out a few of the state-specific blogs (Massachusetts hasn't had an entry since June 2009, but there's slightly more activity on NH and WA -- those were the three I checked, no extra credit for why).

It was totally worth looking into. In a _really_ long list regarding deciding whether to evacuate or shelter in place, I saw mention of a digital camera for documenting personal affects (sic). And I had a great idea for a story: "Tweeting the Apocalypse". Maybe I mean "Tweeting the Rapture", but I _thought_ of Apocalypse first.

If you use it, send me a draft.
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