walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

last comment tonight on formatting ebooks


Look, it's from _April_ of 2009!

Sad, sad tale of trying to put Jack London's _Abyss_ into ePub, not being happy, taking a look at a pro attempt at same, becoming even less happy, and then commenters participating as well.

Here's my takeaway: it took a while, but we eventually got used to some of the limitations and problems associated with HTML and different web browsers on different computers with different versions of all of the above. More or less. Sometimes, we run into something like we can't shop somewhere because the buttons don't actually function for our configuration. Bummer. Oh, and you can't play any game using flash on iAnything. Based on that, I predict we'll all get used to the vagaries of ebook formatting. Some of the really bad badness will get corrected on a case by case basis. The big sellers will get that extra massaging to look good on a really wide combination of setups. The little sellers will get complaints. And we'll all still be bitching about this after we've mostly switched over to reading stuff not-on-paper.

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