walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

just when I thought teleread was a waste of time...


This is awesome! I've bought one book (on the kindle! One of the rare indies I bought for the kindle) published by L&L Dreamspell, and when I saw that imprint go by while spreadsheeting I did a little looking around for what they were all about. I am unsurprised to see wonderfully well-written, sensible commentary from one of the women from L&L. They seem uniformly wonderful.

Highlights: "The Fictionwise site requires a pre-tagged Word RTF file, which they then turn into many different formats."

"Our books on Amazon for the Kindle are converted from our Mobipocket files. The files we publish at Mobipocket are checked and double-checked for quality. But what happens when Mobipocket turns them into Kindle?"

That's pretty tragic! The conversion from Mobipocket to kindle should have been smooth.

I hope the women at L&L Dreamspell stick it out, despite the pain; I know I'll be watching for books that they publish that I might enjoy reading.

Nevertheless, the fact that even such a bright, hardworking woman is surprised to discover how things look different from device to device and app to app when operating off the same base file (a .prc) is disturbing. It's not like we didn't just go through all this with HTML and every browser/computer/blah blah bleeping blah known to humanity.

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