walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

those complaints about bad editing?


Here's a sample.

The guy decided to pick on a book that costs all of $5.99 at Fictionwise. It was initially published in, as near as I can tell, 1977 and the author is long since dead. The publisher was _always_ tiny. And the examples included in why this belongs in the Hall of Shame strike me as either not valid, inadequately supported by direct evidence or too minor to care.

I find myself filled with revulsion and disgust, especially since so many people piled on to agree. Seriously? You're _this mad_ about a $5.99 ebook?

It took a while to track down the publisher's web presence. I think this is it.


Oh, and I should mention how I wound up at Rich Adin's site:

Someone claimed the kindle would be coming in a color LCD touch screen format. In the course of investigating this claim, google found me:


Chris Meadows says:

"I would be inclined to suggest that Amazon should first concentrate on improving how they put e-books on the device as-is until they get it right. If you have trouble walking, you shouldn’t be trying to run a marathon."

This brought me to:


Paul Biba says:

Rich Adin has started his Hall of Shame, to highlight the poor state of editing of so many ebooks.

Which brought me to americaneditor at wordpress.

To sum up: Meadows thinks that rather than bring out new and different e-readers for the masses, Amazon should focus on improving the ebook (bought from a competitor and NOT SOLD IN THE KINDLE STORE) formatting of a tiny publication from 1977 by a tiny little press that requires significant effort to find their web presence.

Oh, and the only way that Adin will be happy is if the publisher then brings the corrections to his attention.

If you're going to complain about bad editing in an ebook, you'd better come up with a better example than his, particularly since as near as I can tell, Adin doesn't know you can refer to your father as "Paw".

Irrelevance piled upon stupidity added to hypocrisy does not a convincing argument make.

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