walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: a visit to the pharmacy

B. came at noon, so she could take T. from school to hang out up in Brookline where I could pick him up after book group. Book group was fun, as always. We briefly discussed _Animal, Vegetable, Miracle_, and then picked books for the next many months.

When B. picked up T. from school earlier, they said he might have an ear infection. I still cannot believe we got him a same-day up in Milford, but we did, and they say he has "the beginnings of pneumonia". Yeesh. Hence the visit to the pharmacy. Altho I would sort of like to know precisely what distinguishes "the beginnings of pneumonia" from "pneumonia", they have scared me enough that I will comply with their prescription for antibiotics. Which I would have complained about for an ear infection.

And now, of course, R. and I are wondering if we've all been feeling incredibly under the weather ourselves because of a very persistent virus, a series of viruses, or one or both of us has walking pneumonia. We'll see how I feel when I wake up.

A. and I did manage to do some grocery shopping this morning. She, too, has snotfall, and has been running a low fever for several day.

Not happy around here.

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