walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

What the f---?

I gave LiveJournal $19.95 back in May, when the breastfeeding userpic controversy started. I figured, if I'm going to apply pressure to change, it'll be more convincing if I'm a Paid Account again, instead of a freeloader.

I noticed yesterday that I was listed as Basic. Mysterious. I sent e-mail asking what's up, and telling them the date it was posted to my credit card (after pulling the statement to make sure it was not All Just a Dream). I received a prompt reply saying, yup, I had paid, yup, my account wasn't showing that, and that they'd manually credited me with a year starting yesterday. I dutifully closed the support request.

Today, I get an e-mail from accounts saying my Paid account has expired.

This is annoying.
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