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Roland and I flew out to Seattle last Thursday and returned last night. In between, we introduced him to far more people than he can possibly keep track of, bought a bunch of food and alcohol, ate out at some lovely restaurants and threw a medium-sized party (a little over fifty people showed up, at least 10 of whom were small children). It was great fun, even though only one Eric/k showed up and I was hoping for four. Maybe next time.

Since there was no stereo (it's out here), there wasn't any music, which I was a bit worried about at first, but decided afterwards that it lowered the noise floor and made it easier to talk, and people were definitely talking. There were also no soft drinks. We had juice and we were willing to mix up fizzy lemonade from the lemon juice, ultrafine sugar and club soda. Now, you might think in this context that it would be a very drunken party, but it just wasn't. We had a ton of wine left (altho the case of Alaskan Amber did disappear entirely) and the hard liquor wasn't even that dented. The Brita water filter was refilled many times. The self serve bar saw no major spillage/breakage.

The food was chopped veggies and a couple kinds of dip, some bread/crackers/pita, a couple cakes, a cheese platter, some cookies, and a lot of baked fish (spicy snapper and not spicy halibut). I think about 10 pounds of fish was eaten. There were no chips, no salsa. Oddly enough, I think the single most popular item out was the carrots. When I refilled the platter with the last of them, I heard two people say "Hey, the carrots are back". Very cool.

Several people who tend to show up at my parties and leave very shortly thereafter actually stuck around, in a couple of cases commenting that this one was a much better size than previous ones. People showed up a few minutes before 4, the official start time, and the last people were out the door slightly before midnight, the official end time. All in all, a wonderful party from my perspective, and people seemed to be enjoying themselves. Best of all, a lot of people I invite every time, but tend not to show up, actually came, which was wonderful.

Unfortunately, having been three hours shifted later, and in a warmer climate, I now have to adjust back to the bright-sunny-cold-earlyness of New Hampshire once again. Maybe I'll go to Toadstool today.

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