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Today's activities include: a visit from M., M. and I.

M., M., and their 6 month old daughter I. came to visit today, which was a lot of fun, at least for R. and I. The kids I don't think were quite so happy to see another small child show up. T. mostly ignored I. A. contented herself with systematically taking every single toy I. had, and then attempting to get her sippy cup. (To be fair, T. had made a play for the sippy cup already and we'd stopped him. It's not like he didn't at least make an effort. ;-)

Eventually, R. took T. to see the horse after we all had lunch. I made faces at I. and A. alternating, and they decided that was somewhat entertaining.

Prior to our guests arrival, we did some picking up. I've been trying to dig my way through all the crap on the island that is not specifically kitchen-related. This is an ongoing problem, because the stuff T. brings home from school lands there and we're still trying to figure out what should happen to it after it gets here. The sheer volume means there's no way we're keeping it all, but it's tricky trying to decide which "art" gets thrown away. Vocabulary lists are easy to throw away, of course. Also, since the office is all the way up on the third floor, I keep stuff in a drawer in the kitchen for the first few weeks (credit card slips until the bill arrives, for example) and there's a stack of magazines and mail-needs-to-be-dealt-with on the counter above that drawer. Some time in the next few weeks, my lateral file with locking drawers and hutch should arrive. I'm hoping that will take a lot of the pressure off the island.

Of course, there's also the ongoing toy-and-arts-and-crafts-supplies problem that is our kitchen table. Probably I should quit buying stuff, but T. is _so_ much happier and easier to hang out with when he has lots of things to do. . .
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