walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

over the river and through the woods

We took the kids to see R.'s mom yesterday, since B. had taken the day off. The last visit was New Year's Day, and that went spectacularly well. The only difference this time was instead of packing everything up in plastic bags, I got out a suitcase and put it all in there instead. The kids seemed to understand where we were going. A. fell asleep in the last five minutes, more or less like last time. We were there from 11ish to 3ish. They both slept on the drive home. I think _I_ napped briefly on the way back.

We took the stroller out for a spin, which was curtailed when T. attempted to tell several people, starting with grampa, that he was poopy. He's definitely talking a lot, and not echoing, but he is not particularly intelligible, so until he got to me, no one had any idea what he was attempting to communicate.

The turkey, barley and vegetable soup C. made was really yummy and she sent some home with us. We stopped once on the trip out for coffee and doughnuts, but did not stop on the trip back.

A good time was had by all.
Tags: daily activities

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