walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Covers of books, redux

Robert Karen's book on Attachment (0195115015) and Sroufe's book (0521629926) have covers
with airborne babies (Karen's all the way airborne; Sroufe's being lifted high in the air by a mama).

This is bizarre. It's right up there with that evil book I mentioned months ago (0838576656 -- discussed on May 10, 2005. Took a while to find that post. That would be the book about birth that completely erases the mother. And I do mean completely.). Why would, not one, but _two_ books about attachment depict a baby being held up/thrown up into the air? This is _not_ something that one does to a baby most days (I don't think, anyway). Sure, exciting fun, but not primary caregiver exciting fun. More like, energetic non-parent exciting fun.

What the fuck.

Someone please explain this to me.
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