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WDW Trip Report: Part 2, Mostly Food

Here are a few short reviews of restaurants some number of us ate at:

Private Dining (aka Room Service) at Bay Lake Towers at the Contemporary Resort

Dinner Christmas Eve, we got simple stuff like a Club Sandwich, a hamburger, chicken nuggets, fries. Private Dining on the Disney Dining Plan takes two Table Service, so not a cheap option at all. I don't know that I would do it again. I hadn't done enough planning nor had I any previous experience at these hotels. In the exact same situation, I would have deputized myself or someone else to go down to the counter service location and bring back take out.

Breakfast Boxing Day, I got 2 egg breakfast, R. ate the meat and had a bowl of oatmeal; T. got a couple mini-Mickey waffles. This got us all fed and out the door early, and so worth it from that perspective. This I would probably do again, given that we couldn't get groceries on Christmas Day.

Contempo Cafe: counter service at the Contemporary. I kept ordering the Mahi Sandwich, first with cold green bean salad, later with french fries. It was good, both ways. The usual set of kid options, cold and hot sandwiches and flat bread pizzas.

Captain Cook's: counter service at the Polynesian. I went with T. I think he had nuggets and fries which he didn't eat and I took back for A. and R. to finish. I had a bowl of noodles with chicken and vegetables. It was tasty, but I was hungry a couple hours later.

Gasparilla Grill and Games: counter service at the Grand Floridian (do you sense a theme?). I went with T. and I. I had the tabbouleh wrap with cucumber salad as a side; she had the Italian meat sandwich. Both were good, altho we had trouble finding the place, it was a long wait because the people serving were adamant about checking the wrap and the hummus for milk product after I asked about the cole slaw (which did). I didn't figure the wrap or the hummus were a risk (they didn't have), but they wouldn't serve it until they checked and they had to track down the chef. Exasperating. Whatever. They mean well. I would order the same thing again quite happily.

Kona Cafe: table service at the Polynesian for lunch with I. She got the fish tacos, which had mayo and the "taco" was bent fried bread -- a little odd, and not quite what she was expecting, but otherwise okay. I got the vegetable noodles with tofu instead of chicken. It was excellent. I really wanted to go for dinner to have sushi but couldn't get reservations. Maybe next time.

Cosmic Ray's in Tomorrowland for early lunch: R. and I split a half chicken and ribs plate. He had all the mashed potatos since he forgot to sub fries for them. There were probably green beans on the side, but I had trouble getting any of the food since it was in front of him. The chicken and ribs were tasty.

Our remaining breakfasts were all in the room. We got groceries from the Publix on Apopka-Vineland. I don't know I would have gone that far if I realized how far it was, since other grocery stores were much closer. OTOH, the Publix had familiar brands and was generally quite good; the Winn-Dixie might not have done so. We got some Van's Frozen Waffles for T.; he was willing to eat them.

R. and T. had lunch in the park one day when I went back early with A.

Assuming we do this again, in addition to at least one dinner reservation at the Kona Cafe for sushi, I would definitely do more dinners at Chef Mickey's. Given the difficulty we had making a 4 person reservation a 5 person reservation, I think I would probably pad reservations for extra people (say, make it a 6-8 person reservation) to be sure there would be space for anyone who wound up joining us later on -- particularly if we get to make the reservation 6 months ahead of time, instead of the 3 months that we did this time. I think I would also risk the dinner show thing at the Polynesian. A. would love it, and T. probably wouldn't be much wackier than he ever is anyway. Also, it's _really_ easy to bail out to the hotel room from any resort on the monorail, so the party can split up if necessary.

We did the Dining Plan: 1 table service, 1 counter service, a bunch of snacks. I don't think we'll do it again, assuming we're staying at a DVC property. I think at this point, R. won't make any noise about cost, which was my main concern. I did not want us skipping or delaying meals because it would be cheaper elsewhere, and the dining plan accomplished that. However, given the limited number of hours we spent in the park, we could easily do two or even three meals in our room.
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