walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: iPod

I wanted to update my iPod to take it on a plane ride. This turned into a big project. First, I wanted to move my iTunes library to a new computer. _Without_ burning a zillion discs. I could have used the external hard drive R. has the backup on, however, ultimately, I bought some software that would transfer using the iPod. This did weird things, and the software thought a whole lot of stuff failed to transfer, even though it successfully showed up on the new computer. Then it wouldn't let me eject the iPod. I wanted to put some new music on it, but I couldn't find the newer CDs (still haven't). R. helped me look, and among other things, we found the sewing machine that has been MIA since the move.

I eventually found some stuff (mostly CDs we got for Xmas this year) to put on the iPod. But the first sync is taking for ever. Ah, well. We're still looking for the small silver CD case and an unknown number of other CDs that have gone missing with it. (Watch: it'll turn out they're in one of the vehicles.)

T. had a holiday party which R. attended. It went well. T. had doughnuts and juice boxes and he was neither the kid who cried because the chocolate donuts were gone before he got one, nor was he the kid who threw up. Yay! R. took his new Lowepro backpack which holds all his camera gear (including the flash I got him for Xmas, and the ridiculous lens that always inspires comment) and his laptop.

R. and I went to Benjarong for lunch, by way of taking a break from searching for CDs.

ETA: First sync successful. I'm now listening to Gloriana on my iPod. Neat.

ETAYA: Found! Many CDs. Including Blue Moo and the Maroon 5 discs, which I had already figured out were missing. Where were they? In a box labeled Living Room and CDs, sitting in the exercise room between the master bedroom and the master bedroom closet. Which is basically right where they should have been. They just never got unpacked, because R. figured he'd already ripped his. It just happened to include a few of mine, too. Clever R. figured it out, however.
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