walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: bike, waffle, a little cleaning, more HI5-0

The usual pickup run to get T. at the preschool today netted a few really amusing interactions. First, I _finally_ got the expected positive responses on the holiday cheer -- people are liking the LED lights on the Bianchi. But much better, I finally got someone saying, "You are Good!", literally. Usually, I get something along the lines of, you're still riding in on that? with a strong hint of, you are so crazy; occasionally, commentary like, I would freeze on that, which is silly -- how warm you are when outside is strictly a function of clothing, and very little else. But no, I finally found the person who thinks that anything that involves Not Driving is a huge win. He even recognized the attachment point for the Burley Kazoo as not being the seat post, which was the kind of trailabike he was familiar with. I felt very good about that interaction.

The waffle was a surprise. Julie's Place is closed Mondays, but it turns out the new open in the evenings thing is a 7 day operation. So T. got to have his late afternoon waffle after all.

The cleaning was me looking at the mantel while ensconced in my rocker (without child), laptop in lap playing FB games and the DVD player running back-to-back episodes of Hawaii 5-0. I decided the mantel looked nice with the stockings hanging from it, but would look much nicer if it didn't have quite so much crap on it and, say, it were mostly dust free. So I edited the mantel down to Xmas cards, Xmas CDs, a couple remote controls, a holiday plush bear, the mobius-like sculpture and a couple odds and ends. This was a dramatic improvement. Along the way, I found the noise-canceling headphones, which is handy, since I'll be wanting those on the airplane ride to Florida.

I also got out the wallet of DVDs we travel with, and tested them all on the laptop. I ordered replacements for the ones with serious damage to the middle of episodes, and while I was at it, I ordered a replacement wallet.

Given that it is that time of the month when it's really an accomplishment to get out of bed, I feel like that was a productive day for me. I even went for my walk with M.
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