walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: cleaning, bicycling, misc videos

Yeah, not really that exciting. I finished rereading _Jamie_, which has taken forever, probably a sign that I should stop now while I still slightly enjoy rereading Lori Foster. I did some housecleaning, partly because I just didn't feel like thinking about the other things I should be doing (like, say, getting groceries). I took the food scraps out to the compost, which was a huge chore since the screen door on the slider was so thoroughly stuck I had to go out through another door (in the basement, which turned out to be a better choice anyway), come back around via the stairs on the deck, unstick it forcefully. Along the way, I attempted to clear the now quite frozen snow from the deck stairs and gave up when I was about two stairs short.

In related snow clearing observations, the last round on the street shoved the berm of snow by the curb up onto my UTTERLY CLEAR TOTALLY DRY sidewalk, covering it half in snow. Not just mine, either, but no one else's stretch was as beautiful as I had gotten ours. I was initially happy to see the sidewalk plow come by to fix the problem, until I realized that they only blew some of it onto the property side; some just got shoved right back in the street, which means this may yet happen again. I was initially thinking I'd move the curb berm over to the property side, but this is both a lot of work and not exactly a safe activity, particularly when a four year old boy is hovering in hopes of getting another shot at the garage door opener. Oh well.

T. and I went to Julie's Place for dinner again, which was fun. I just had a cup of tea, but he sure likes their waffles. It was a little too early for me to eat, but it worked out perfectly for R. to take him to the pool after.

Our stocking hangars arrived, so we now have three stockings on our mantle above the gas fireplace which has been on for a while so it is nice and toasty in the living room. Very pretty! I wish we could figure out where R.'s stocking is.

I picked T. up at the school on the bike, which I also did yesterday afternoon, and R. dropped him off this morning. We're putting the muff on him, which we are hoping helps keep him a little warmer. With the two added strings of lights, there are now green, red and white lights on the bike, which make it look very holiday cheery.

I'm currently watching _This Film is Not Yet Rated_. The documentary _Fuck_ was uniformly excellent; I highly recommend it. _This Film is Not Yet Rated_ is shaping up to be at least as good altho not quite as funny.
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