walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

oh, and that version of Alice on SyFy

That was not bad. Nothing like the book(s) (and not intended to be a straight up adaptation), but darkly fun. The title character's dad went missing 10 years ago and turns out to have been brainwashed into participating in draining humans from our world so that Wonderland folk can experience their extracted emotions in purified forms. Alice has no idea he's in Wonderland; some guy named Jack offers her a ring, which she refused, he stashes it on her and when she shortly thereafter attempts to save him from kidnappers, falls through a Big Mirrors and ends up in Wonderland. Lots and lots of casting amusement and about a million references for fantasy/sf fans of all genres and media to pick up on (particularly liked the pink flamingos that looked like something out of Star Wars 6).
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