walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: wrapping, furniture

While most of my holiday gift giving is, as always, done online, there have been a few items that I needed to wrap myself. I knew we had paper left over from last year; the question was tracking it down. I'd already checked the basement and the office, so clearly I had missed it. After a pass through the garage and the master bedroom closet, it was back to the basement for a detailed search. I found, among other things, where R. had stored some 4T clothes in a bin of toys (tsk, tsk); I moved them into the 3T bucket, since several of the items were size 90 Hanna Andersen anyway, and at least this way they'll be found before it's too late to make use of them.

Continuing my search (which included an ongoing search for a missing sewing machine -- the new sewing machine, which makes it extra special annoying), I eventually noticed that several rolls of fabric in a large plastic bag were mysteriously stored _underneath several bicycles_. That seemed wrong, and as I reached down to extract them and store them somewhere upright and more appropriate, I noticed that the movers had stored the rolls of wrapping paper in with the rolls of fabric.

Ah ha!

I now had presents, wrapping paper, and scissors. What was missing (okay, other than cards, but I never am that organized)? Tape. This is a chronic problem for me, largely because the contents of the office are predominantly R.'s. I've never recreated a home office since moving out here in 2003. But never mind that; that's another story. I did what I always did. I went out to the garage to find the packing tape. And lo! Next to the packing tape was the skinny scotch tape. Miracles! They happen! Well, except it turned out this was double stick tape. Once I figured out what to do with it, that turned out to be great, but initially it was extra special confusing.

Now I had presents, wrapping paper, scissors, a flat clean table mostly devoid of other crap, and child care. Wrapping commenced. Several phone calls later, wrapping was completed (for now). I decided to put M.'s gift and R.'s gift in gift bags, which sent me back down to the basement, only to remember I'd brought the box with the Xmas gift bags up already since it also contained the Christmas CDs, stockings and 18 month Santa outfit. Back upstairs, then back to the basement to retrieve the non-specific gift bag stash for some more tissue paper. Yeah, living on four levels does lead to some added exercise. Seriously.

I borrowed T.'s double ended markers to scrawl To/From messages on the packages that were headed to someone specific. Several of the items I wrapped are journals to go to book group folk and I'll let them tussle over them.

One of the phone calls was from Circle Furniture, telling me the quote on the solid cherry lateral file with hutch that I asked for. It sounded good, so I gave them a credit card number over the phone. Two lateral file drawers (with a lock) on the bottom; a short hutch on top with a cord cutout and a couple adjustable shelves. I see laptop storage, home office supplies and getting a big drawer back in the kitchen island. Also a couple square feet off the top of the island. In theory, this goodness will come to pass late in February.
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