walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: Snow!

Well, we knew that was coming. B. had arranged with her fiance, B., to have him drive her down this morning to Make Absolutely Sure she could work today. Then B. (the fiance) got a call from his boss this morning saying don't even bother coming in today. Okay.

I couldn't remember how to find out what the status was at the school, so I did a little googling and landed at WBZ's website which as near as I could tell was showing damn near everything in the area closed -- except everything within the loop. Which included us. *sigh* Not so much as a delay. I went upstairs to tell R., since T. was already late. R. had concluded (and boy did he have a lot of company, as he discovered later) that there wasn't much point in hurrying today, thinking probably there's be a delayed opening if not closure. Easily the most annoying outcome would be to roust the 4 year old only to discover no school.

Off they went in the car, and while R. was there, he learned the school had just decided to only have a half day. This probably makes sense, because as it warms up, it is getting seriously nasty out there.

He could have gone into work, in the sense that work is definitely accessible (and close), however, he has opted not to, between no B. and half day and all he'd have had to come right home anyway. He got all of our sidewalk cleared along with the driveway. I later picked at it some with a shovel. And he put A. down for a nap.

Yes, it is pretty.
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