walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Tuesday's Activities included: shopping for snow gear

The school told us in no uncertain terms (altho it took some dragging to get the details) that T. needed Snow Gear to be allowed outside when it was cold/snowing. Which was expected (and delivered) on Wednesday. Snow Gear specifically includes: mittens or gloves, a hat, a snow jacket, snow pants, snow boots. About what you might expect. The consignment run a monthish ago got me all of this except the boots. This is where things get interesting.

I _had_ mittens in the right size, but T. prefers gloves. And, one of the mittens was missing. The mittens I had a full pair of from the shop were too big, and the other mittens I had a full pair of were also too big.

It turns out I had a pair of Kamik snow boots size 10 down in the basement, but I didn't think they were a size 10 because we bought them last year, when stock was low and we bought bigger just to get something.

With all this in mind, I racked my brains for places to go buy gloves and boots for T., ideally in town so I wouldn't have to drive a half hour+ there and far more back in rush hour traffic to go to a mall. I thought, hey, there's a Gymboree over on Great Road. That got me brown gloves in a plausible size. Stride Rite is across Great Rd, and since I had A. with me, that meant driving the car across the street. Evil. Oh well. They were, as they _always are_, not only out of stock, but unwilling to order. Previously, they had been willing to order out of stock sandals, but they claimed attempts to reorder boots had failed. Whatever. If Brio is having distribution problems in the US, anyone can be having distribution problems in the US.

The nice lady at Stride Rite (this is a big improvement over customer service at the Stride Rite in Nashua) recommended the Rugged Bear up at Nagog. Of course, I don't drive a lot lately, and Nagog is both a little far on the bike and on roads I don't like to bike on, so I was uncertain how to get there from here. But hey, it's only gas, time, and A. hollering in the back because she's dropped her binky and regretting resisting putting her coat on before getting into her car seat. We stopped at Circle Furniture to think about ordering a lateral file cabinet with a hutch on top for the living room. We'll be getting a quote on something I would like, and have an option I'm not excited about.

We did eventually make it to Nagog, once I realized, hey, we used to pass that shopping center all the time going home to NH from Boston, so it must be on 119/2A, right? And it was. They were having a buy one item full price, get another item half price promotion, so once I bought a(nother) pair of size 10 Kamik snow boots (which I'm actually not regretting, because these are a lot easier to get on and off than the other pair, which are somewhat nightmarish), I looked around and bought another pair of gloves and matching hat, and then was presented with another opportunity to "save" money, but they had board books so I bought _Hello, Boston!_ by Martha Day Zschock. Which is _awesome_! So I put everything related by her on the kids Amazon wish list, in case you want to buy the kids something for the winter holidays; as you would expect, it's one of my wish lists, labeled, For the Kids, You Know. A little misguided cinematic humor there.

Oh, and grandma is getting the kids snow boots for Xmas, because that's what they needed when she asked and I had no idea this was about to happen. But she's getting them Ugg-like objects, which are Cool. The net effect is that both children will have three pairs of winter boots this year. Boot wardrobes. For the kids. You know.
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