walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: phone calls and not a lot else

Of course there was a certain amount of playing with the garage door opener, because that's kinda unavoidable. R. took T. to Target to get some stuff. A. and I hung around and played with toys. Also, the coughing (from the cold) and the drooling (from the teething) and the snotfall (from the cold) continued. Lots of mopping up to do.

I. called and we chatted for about 45 minutes, which was fun, and R. called and we chatted for a little while, and that was also fun. I read a little. I made a big salad. But honestly, I got almost nothing to show for the day.

R. was going to trim his hair but gouged part of it down to the scalp so it's all gone for a while. He took a bath with A. -- that was cute, watching him have to stop her from doing annoying things like hair pulling. It's a whole lot funnier when it's happening to someone else. (Yes, his head hair was gone, but R. has a lot of hair all over, and to judge by his reactions, having one's chest hair yanked is No Fun At All.)

T. spent the day hanging out with B.

Unfortunately, A. went down for a second nap around 4:30 and is still asleep. This is a problem, because it means she has missed dinner, and who knows when she'll decide to wake up. I'm going to have to go to bed pretty soon, to either wake her up, or make sure that I get some sleep before she eventually wakes up ready to greet the day at some appalling hour.
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