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Today's activities include: conservation land, idylwilde

My friends A. and L. came to visit, and while R. went in to work for a couple hours to make up for coming home early yesterday, B. did come over so I got to go walking with them without a stroller. After doing the usual loop through the neighborhood, I suggested we go check out the conservation land which is just down Prospect.


We came in on the left side of that map, took the loop left until we got to the access trail, took that up past the "summit", took a connector back to the loop, made a wrong turn which we noticed at the playing fields, and then took the loop back to where we started.

Of course the leaves are all off the trees, and it has rained recently so there was mud in the lower spots, but it's a great place to go for a hike. Like the parks that connect across the north end of Capitol Hill, I once again have access to a place to go on a walk in the woods without ever getting into my car.

After I got back, I went with R. to Not Your Average Joe's, where several of his coworkers were having lunch. I know almost all of them pretty well at this point, so that was really fun. Altho we learned today that A.C. who several of us had found on Facebook was _not_ the A.C. who we had lunch with. We don't know why that A.C. accepted our friends requests, but I have now corrected the problem on my end.

After that, I had my daily walk with M. and her dog P., which was fun. I'm working on getting A. to pet P. in a way that does not freak the poor Lhasa out. The crucial issue is that A. wants to touch eyes. Not good. We did get her to actually stroke P.'s back, so that's progress. M. is very tolerant of our efforts, which I appreciate.

I picked T. up on the bike, and after our afternoon play-with-the-garage-door-opener-until-it-freezes-up, we went out to Idylwilde on the bike, where I resisted the temptation to buy a small Christmas tree and bring it home in a pannier. The kids like Christmas trees a little too much, still, so I'm going to wait until we're a little further along in the choke-to-death-on-small-items phase. Maybe next year. In West Acton, I saw a van with plush reindeer antlers. I already have some battery operated LED lights on the bike (I just ordered a couple more strings, so I'll have one each in red, green, and white); I figure the reindeer antlers will be perfect. It would be even cooler if I could rig up a Rudolph's nose with a red light in it, but that sounds a bit craftier than I'm really up to. Maybe next year.

No, I did not steal the reindeer antlers off the van. I'm still trying to figure out where one buys that kind of thing. It's exactly the kind of thing I normally wouldn't be caught dead buying, which makes this a bit of a mystery for me.

And in good news, the kids seem to be thoroughly over whatever it was that was making them have not-so-good-looking poop. Unfortunately, T. may now have an ear infection. He was pulling at his ear today at school. After we got back from Idylwilde and played with the garage door some more (no, this is _not_ my idea of fun), I convinced him to walk down to Julie's Place with me and have some dinner. That went really well, and I got a burger and fries. I don't like eating out twice in one day, but I figured I probably got enough exercise to make it work out, and neither meal was that huge.

Pretty good day. It'll be even better when the kids have kicked their colds.
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