walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

nice article about ccrc's over on the new old age


Mysteriously, in comment number 4, a woman signing Karen Sadler asserts:

"With 4 in 10 of us projected to live to 120, new living options will continue to evolve so continue to check them out frequently and decide which is best for you."

Yeah, that can't be true, as a number of other commenters snuck up on.

The remaining question: is _anyone_ seriously asserting this, or is this a typo?

CCRC are "continuing care retirement communities". Generally speaking, you sell your house, use the proceeds to "buy in" to the community, and then depending on the setup, you pay some monthly cost which may be inflation adjusted but not change depending on which part of the community you are in (independent, assisted living or skilled nursing), or which may change depending on which part of the community you are in. For reasons that are complex, CCRC's have a limited constituency of cheerleaders, but it sounds like this may be beginning to change. In general, people have been attempting to make it to end of life in assisted living, which, honestly, Does Not Work past a certain point. CCRCs attempt to make the transition from assisted living to skilled nursing and/or unit-devoted-to-dementia-care less jarring, by having all the facilities on a campus, and by having the various parts of the facilities share some social/cafeteria/etc. stuff. CCRCs get slammed usually because they market the independent side, and the reality of the memory units creeps people out, and there is still a big wall between the levels in many CCRCs.

The comments thread is good, despite my drawing undue attention to the extremely wacky assertion in comment #4.
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