walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: zzzzz

I spent a chunk of the morning back in bed rereading a trashy novel because while I don't have horrible symptoms with this cold, I just did not feel like doing anything else at all.

I went on my walk anyway, and I seem to recall paying some bills. I didn't even ride the bike to pick up T.; B. got him and took him home to have french toast for dinner, where I eventually retrieved him from.

Today's UPS delivery included a bunch of Melissa & Doug art supplies I ordered from Amazon for T. The scissors and construction paper were a pretty good success. It is a pair of kid scissors, one zig zag (R. calls them pinking shears) and one ordinary. They claim to cut paper and only paper; here's hoping that bears some faint resemblance to reality. He can manage the pinking shears, because they sort of orient themselves; the straight scissors are more of a challenge. I gave him a sheet of construction paper to practice on.

The 12 piece jigsaw puzzle was not such a great success, but then the dolphin puzzle wasn't a big hit at first either, so you never know how that's going to turn out.

A. took a nap in her new stroller. She keeps climbing up in it, and today B. circled the island in the kitchen with her in the stroller and she zonked right out. This is actually good. She, too, has this cold so sleeping somewhat upright is a Very Good Thing.

The rereads of the last few days are all Lori Foster romances: I started with _Say No to Joe_, then read _Just a Hint, Clint_, am finishing up _The Winston Brothers_ collection of longish short stories and I already pulled up a Loretta Chase which will hopefully prevent me from rereading all the Visitation books out of order.
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