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A. had a well baby checkup today, and I got there early. She woke up from her nap, so we jaunted over to Toadstool in Milford, NH, a bookstore I love and miss. We bought Sandra Boynton's book and DVD, _One Shoe Blues_, a dayplanner (a little one intended to live by the treadmill to monitor how that's going, but it is so pretty it may live in my purse instead) and a board book, Jan Brett's _The Twelve Days of Christmas_.

Of course this would turn out to be the "authoritative, traditional" version of the song, according to the wikipedia entry:


Which means, among other things, that it is 4 colly birds, and the pictures support the idea the 5 gold rings refer to a type of bird. I promptly memorized it, and was singing it to A. (who is amazingly tolerant of this) when R. was getting T. ready to go run an errand. He heard me say "colly", corrected me to "calling", and (prior to having read the wiki entry), I promptly replied that calling was a modernization. Which it is.

You would think that I could manage to buy _not_ the definitive/traditional version of something when I'm buying a _board book_, but no. I'm just that kind of nerd.
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