walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Weekend activities included: summoned to block party and other things

Wow, I'm having a lot of trouble even remembering what we did over the last two days. Must have done something, right?

There was a block party on Tuttle this afternoon. M., my walking partner, sent me two e-mails, but I wasn't reading e-mail so I didn't get them. She came by, tho, right when A. had pooped, but M. was patient and we walked over to the party together. That was nice. I fed A. part of one of M.'s father's cookies (also M., but obviously standing for something different). M. (walking partner) tells me that M. (her father) named a cat Gallium Arsenide, some time long enough before M. was born that the cat was gone before she was aware of it. M. (father) is even geekier than I had thought. I should have expected this; he works at Lincoln Labs.

You know, where they make Lincoln Logs. Not.

Anyway. What else?

T. is loving scribbling, so we've taken to buying him Even More Supplies, mostly pads of paper and crayons/markers/etc. It turns out that he is _so_ loving scribbling, that you can take him almost anywhere and do almost anything as long as he's got something to write with and something to write on. We went to Applebee's for an early dinner on Saturday and it went really great. Not just the best that a dinner-for-all-four-of-us has ever gone. Great on an absolute scale. Like, actual fun. This is promising.

Earlier in the day, I'd taken T. to Target in an effort to buy a jug of bubble juice. Fail! They don't seem to currently carry Gazillion Bubble Solution. But Amazon does! With prime shipping; I ordered a 64 ounce refill jug. That stuff is amazing, and lately T. has been fascinated with the bubble machine. While we were at Target, I bought him some more overalls, a laundry hamper (the X frame on his hamper broke in two different places), some ginger ale and a variety of other items already forgotten. Probably some of which were scribble supplies.

Today, since Sunday tends to be a wicked exhausting day for. R., I left A. with R. for an hourish, and took T. to McDonald's for some lunch, then Trader Joe's to get chocolate chips (no, none of this by bike), Staples to get a small sketch pad and some crayons, and then Willow Books, which is where I really, really, really wanted to go. I figured initially I'd take him into the kids books area and have him pick something out, but he was so focused on scribbling, we went back out to the new in hardcover and staff picks area and I parked him on a stool while I looked at books for a while. We both were ready to move on at about the same time, so I took him back to kids books where he picked out a Melissa and Doug construction vehicles stacking toy to buy. Overall, a very fun and expensive hourish.

I abandoned the Aronowitz book in favor of rereading _Say No to Joe?_. Very fun.

Considering we haven't had child care since last Tuesday, and were only around people who assisted a little bit with the kids on Wednesday and Thursday, we've been doing really well.

Oh, and T. has been playing with the brio trains lately, like, in the way they were designed to be played with. That's fun to watch. A. has been trying to play with them, but she keeps walking on the track.
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