walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: Julie's for lunch, Children's Museum

I took A. in the stroller down to Starbucks for coffee (for me, not here! Geez. I'm not that slacker a parent.) and then to get a few things at Roche Bros. We went home, and she fell asleep on the way so we hung out in the driveway. I put blankets over the stroller to keep the wind off, and read a little bit.

Later, A. and I went to Julie's Place for lunch. They are now open in their expanded place, but their food remains the same tasty, simple and inexpensive fare it has been all along. Best of all, NOT crazy portions.

We took the Townie, and went from there to the Children's Museum, where we played on the train a little, and then of course the water table.

R. put her down for her second nap, where she still is, but not for long.

Yesterday R. and I went to Koreana's for lunch. We got bento boxes with short ribs in one and bulgogi in the other, and a little sushi on the side. I missed my afternoon walk with M., which is sad, but lunch in Boston does not happen very often these days. R. took T. in to school in the Fit because it was pouring, but it cleared up by the afternoon so I got him on the bike. The Fit had a nail in a tire; the lovely mechanics a block or so away fixed it right up for us. No damage had occurred to the rim from driving on it somewhat flat.
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