walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Kayaking, ack! Seward Park, so-so

Today we attempted kayaking. I thought the new PFD would be in a box sitting in the office, but no, that was from Amazon. We'll have to wait until Monday and hope UPS redelivers. *sigh* We used the one from REI instead and it _sucks_. The kid _hated_ it and I can't blame him. Pushed on his chin and shoved his shoulders back. Hard to hold him. Just impossible. Yet another example of safety being dangerous (he kept trying to backarch out of the kayak; we turned around almost immediately).

Napping occurred. That was good.

Then off to the beach at Seward Park with K. The sand was unexciting. The slippery concrete steps were interesting, but scared the bejesus out of me and R. Then we ran around on lawn and the concrete walk for awhile until I decided he was Done. He was in a good mood, tho he stayed up until the sun went down. He wouldn't eat hardly at all at the park -- too distracted. He would, however, eat a potato chip that someone offered him. Gack.

Volunteer Park continues to be, hands down, the coolest place to spend hours with the kid.

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