walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: children's museum FAIL, groceries, nanowrimo

Wait, haven't I had this day already?

The Children's Museum is closed on Monday, so I took A. on the bike to the grocery store instead. I got time to write for the first time in about four days, once B. had arrived and T. was in school. I was a little sad, because T. was in school and then B. picked him up and I didn't go get him until after I got out of book group. This was nice, in that I got to attend book group for the first time without a child since A. was born. It was a downer, in that I didn't see T. for almost the entire day, and didn't see a lot of him on Sunday because he did a lot with R. instead. Hopefully, we'll get to go do fun stuff on the bike tomorrow.

I also call Cedarworks to ask for the part that wasn't shipped correctly for the playset. Hopefully that will arrive soon. I still need to figure out whether I'm going to cancel the stroller order and order something elsewhere or what. Maybe tomorrow.

And I suspect no one has gotten the mail yet today.
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