walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's activities include: grandma visit, varicella shots, playset assembly

C. arrived last night after T. (and A. and I, for that matter) had all gone to bed. And yet, before 11 p.m. T. got to see her in the morning before school. The rest of us hung out together. C., A. and I went to the Children's Museum down the road apiece. C. has been storing her bike here, so we rode our bikes over. We had an uneventful trip out, but on the way back, C. had to brake sharply when attempting to cross at the unpleasant intersection of Prospect and whatever that is. Her brakes were in the wrong spot and she was trying to signal and she went over. I don't think I have ever seen as perfect a fall in my entire life. I'm pretty sure K., my martial arts instructor, would have been impressed as well. Completely unhurt, other than a scuff on her shin. Her face didn't even get close to the ground.

I felt _horrible_ that that happened to her on an outing I arranged, but she was very kind about it.

We continued home and arrived safely. R. adjusted her handlebars and where the brakes were so there will not be a repeat of this incident.

The playset arrived earlier in the week, but we only recently got the dining room table moved out of the dining room and into the other half of the living room. Today, I laid out the alphabet/number/shapes playmat, and R. started assembling the playset while the rest of us went to the Children's Museum. We helped out intermittently upon our return, taking a break for an early lunch (takeout from Benjarong). C. left just before I went to get T. on the bike, and while at the preschool, I remembered I should have picked him up in the van while on the way to the doctors to go be the last shot appointment of the day for A., T. and I. Oh, well. I called to ask R. to get A. packed up and ready to go, and off we went. T. needed one for preschool, and I had tested no immunity a while back, so I figured we should all just get the shot at the same time, thus avoiding the so-small-it-might-be-more-theoretical-than-real risk of one of us picking up a case from T.'s response to the shot.
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